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Mittwoch, Mercredi, Wednesday 星期三


09:00 - 12:30am
Konferenz-Zentrum Ost Raum London

Meeting of the ASTM Electric Propulsion Committee

! The session is for members only, but those interested can become "quiet members" !

in this Meeting:

10.30 - 11.30
Konferenz-Zentrum Ost Raum London

Tom Gunnarson ASTM F39.05



09:30 Uhr - 10:30
Forum, Foyer Ost

Jo Konrad (DULV), Jan Fridrich (LAA), Willi Tacke (Flying pages)

New weights in Ultralights 500 - 600 Kg

Panel discussion: State of the situation and next steps to go


10:35  - 11:30
Forum, Foyer Ost

John L. Petersen / Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation.

New Approaches in Aviation. New Drives, new Ideas

12h Press Conference GAMA and GAMA Epic
Conference center West Room Österreich


13:45  - 15:00
Forum, Foyer Ost

Dr. Frank Anton (Siemens), Thomas Mager (Volocopter), Tom Gunnarson (Kitty Hawk/ Zee AERO "CORA")






Donnerstag, JeudiThursday 星期四


09:30 - 10:30am
Forum, Foyer Ost

Dr. Frank Anton (Siemens), Alex Zosel (Volocopter), Greg Bowls (GAMA), Prof. Florian Holzapfel (TU Muenchen)

Autonomous flight


Conference Center Eats, Room Berlin

MAGNUS Aircraft

The eFusion Two Seater


15:00 - 16:40
Forum, Foyer Ost

Rolf Stuber,

The Smartflyer, a Hybrid-electric cruise-plane



16:00 - 17:00
Forum, Foyer Ost

Avinors Program  for electrification - Jan Otto Reimers + Equator aircraft Program updates by Tomas Brodreskift

Norway - on the way to the leading e-Aviation Country




Mittwoch, VendrediFriday, 星期五



Room London Foyer Ost

Zpark Sky Innovations, AERO Friedrichshafen und Flying China/Flying Pages


Flying China Breakfast 2018

China Aviation Market Information

Nur mit Einladung, die Einladung erhalten Sie am Stand von Flying Pages. By Invitation only, You may get one at the Booth of Flying Pages at Hall A/ Booth101




09:00 - 10:00am
Forum, Foyer Ost

Australia,  Switzerland,  France and US. A Pipistrel  appoach for global e-flight-Training Michael Coats and Marc B. Corpataux

Flight e-flighttraining from Australia to Pipistrel



10:00 - 12:00am
Konferenz-Zentrum Ost, Room Berlin




14:00 - 16:00
Konferenz-Zentrum Ost, Room  Oslo

Eugen Schneider dba.

EASA-Vorschriften leicht & verstaendlich / EASA- regulations easy & practical tips


14:00 - 16:00am
Konferenz-Zentrum Ost, Room Berlin

EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency


Part-21 / T4S – Towards a “Light” Part 21? /

What new technology can do to help us improve safety?






Samstag, Samedi, Saturday 星期六


10:00 - 11:00
Room Bern Konferenz-Zentrum Ost

Jan Friedrich

UL/LSA Statistic and Trends
2017 and the last years


11:00-11:30 hall A7, Booth 101 FLYING PAGES
The AERO Friedrichshafen and FLYING PAGES

e-flight-expo award 2018



14:00 - 14:30am
Konferenz-Zentrum Ost Raum London

Rolf Stuber, Smartflyer Ltd

Electric Hybrid: Construction from Scratch


16:10 - 16:50
Konferenz-Zentrum Ost Raum London

Daniel Wenger,Smartflyer Challenge

E- & Hybrid Meeting; LSZG Grenchen Plattform für elektrisches Fliegen


E-flight-Expo 2018 Symposium

E-flight-Expo 2018 Forum AERO Friedrichshafen

Day by Day

Wednesday 18.04.2018

Thursday 19.04.2018

Friday 20.04.2018

Saturday 21.04.2018






e-flight-show 2018 Medientag

e-flight-show 2018 Medientag

GAMA Press Conference At Aero Friedrichshafen
Conference Center West, Room Österreich

APRIL 18th. 12h -1Pm

with GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce and Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chairman and CEO Jack Pelton

AERO A7-112

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