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ROTAX 912 iS

ROTAX Press Release 912 iS 8.3.2012 12h


Gunskirchen, Austria, March 8, 2012 - BRP launches the new Rotax 912 iS engine. An evolution of the Rotax 912 engine, the 912 iS engine delivers 38% to 70% better fuel efficiency than comparable competitive engines in the light sport, ultra-light aircraft and the general aviation industry.
BRP engineers have incorporated technology enhancements such as a modern direct injection system and digital engine control unit (ECU) to the Rotax 912 iS engine to ensure optimal fuel and air mixture at any altitude for longer flight range, lower operating costs and CO2 emission reduction. The new Rotax 912 iS engine also provides a time of 2,000 hours between overhauls (TBO); the same TBO as the 912 engine. Mass production of the Rotax 912 iS engines will start in May 2012.
"BRP maintained its commitment to innovation through the recent economic crisis to continue developing high performance and more fuel-efficient engines," stated José Boisjoli, president and CEO. ''The Rotax 912 iS engine is the result of this engagement and our commitment to always exceed consumers' expectations.''
With more than 170,000 Rotax aircraft engines sold in almost 40 years, Rotax Aircraft Engines dominate the light sport and ultra-light aircraft market. With 20 authorized distributors and a network of more than 200 sales and repair centres supporting customers worldwide, BRP supplies engines to more than 80% of all aircraft manufacturers in its segment.
"The development of a 4-stroke, 4-cylinder 100 hp aircraft engine with a redundant electronic fuel injection system is a first in the industry; it makes it ideal for all kinds of light sport aircraft, generating increased opportunities in general aviation market," said Gerd Ohrnberger, vice-president and general manager, Powertrain division.
After testing the new Rotax 912 iS engine, Tine Tomazic, engineer and pilot for Pipistrel Aircraft, said: "The injection system ensures the best fuel and air mixture on each cylinder at every possible altitude while delivering the same 100 hp as the Rotax 912 ULS engine, therefore producing fewer emissions. Based on these facts, I would say that the Rotax 912iS engine is a powerful, economic and more fuel-efficient engine."
About BRP-Powertrain BRP-Powertrain (formerly BRP-Rotax), an affiliate of BRP, is a leader in the development and production of innovative 4- and 2-stroke high performance Rotax engines for BRP products (Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft and boats, Can-Am all-terrain, side-by-side vehicles and roadsters as well as for motorcycles, karts, ultra-light and light  aircraft). Over the past 50 years, the company has developed more than 350 engine models for recreational products and has produced more than seven million engines.
About BRP Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP), a privately held company, is a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of motorised recreational vehicles.
Its portfolio of brands and products includes: Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft and boats, Evinrude and Johnson outboard engines, Can-Am all-terrain and side-by-side vehicles and roadsters, as well as Rotax engines. BRP products are distributed in more than 100 countries.
Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Lynx, Evinrude, Johnson, Can-Am, Rotax and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier
Recreational Products Inc. or its affiliates.

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Johanne Denault Alexandra Reisinger
Communications Manager Marketing & Communications
BRP Rotax Aircraft Engines
Tel.: +1.450.532.5173 Tel.:+43.7246.601.698

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ROTAX 912 iS

ROTAX 912 iS

From the Brochure of BRP Rotax 

Developed and designed on the basis of the concept of the 912 S/ULS the new Rotax 912 iS engine offers all well known advantages of the Rotax 4-stroke engine series. The new Rotax 912 iS is a serious improvement in the field of modern aviation engines by a reduction in fuel consumption as well as emissions. These characteristics combined with even easier operation and state of the art engine management systems make the engine ideal for all kinds of modern and innovative light airplanes. The Rotax 912 iS engine offers a TBO of 2.000 hrs.

Rotax Aircraft Engines 912 iS/iSc | 100 hp

- 4-cylinder
- 4-stroke liquid-/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders
- Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet
- Redundant electronic fuel injection
- Engine management system
- Electric starter
- Propeller speed reduction gearbox
- Air intake system

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BRP Rotax general image brochure


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