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Parapente+ paragliding magazine was born in February 1976. It exist since 34 years in 2010 and is one of the oldest in the world of freeflight aviation!
It’s fame has long crossed the borders of France.
Parapente+ changed its title 3 times in its history from "Vol Libre Magazine " to " Vol Libre" and recently in "Paragliding +".
This french magazine, which specializes in recreational aircraft to take off on foot, mainly deals with all matters relating to paragliding: testing equipment (wings, harnesses, instrumentation), aerodynamics, flight mechanics, meteorology, construction techniques, steering, competition, tandem, practice sites, stories of theft, travel, federation, clubs, various reports on rallies and demonstrations etc. It is aimed at both novice drivers, fans, seasoned and experienced. Paragliding + also records very useful, practical, on big themes and other practices such as foot launch powered paragliders or Electric Delta for example. Everyone is therefore to learn, improve, relax and have fun and dream in Parapente+

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