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VAN´s Aircraft RV6A Kit

Dear 6A-Fellows,

For sale is a Kit of the RV 6A, bought back in 1995, empenage-kit is already done, wing and fuselage have been begun. Due to health issues, the owner is stuck and we are going to offer this beautiful peace of aircraft engineering to people who know what it is worth.

As far as we have found out, the Kit is still complete.

With the aircraft are coming two motors, 0-360 Lycoming(160 horsepower, 4 cylinders). Unfortunately without Books. The first is considered to be in acceptable shape, much more than core-value, but should be overhauled.  The second was planned as a spare-parts-spender. The 0-360 engine will also fit in a Cessna 152, which will turn the plane into a “surface-to-surface missile” ;-) but still not to mess with an RV, he he.

Many parts are still factory sealed and in original packaging.

 We offer kindly the possibility to acquire the tools to build the machine separately.

 The kit is expected to include complete large as well as small exploded drawings. Building plans, video footage and technical manuals for the construction should also be fully available.

 Also we would like to state that the already manufactured parts are done nicely and in best quality craftsmanship by a mechanic and civil engineer, who worked at the company “Eurowings”.

 The kit will be handed over in Dortmund (Germany, Area: North-Rhine-Westfalia, Western Germany) only against “cash-and-carry”.

The Price will be 15.000 Euro.

 For further information, such as more pictures and technical details, check:

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