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Vol Moteur

french magazine microlight, light aircraft, gyros



The only French language monthly magazine of the ULM.

Extensive testing, practice sites, tips, trade show reports, advertisements, anything new on UL-Trikes, multi-axes LSA and light helicopters
Your access to the French market for light aircraft

Abbonement, small advertisements, small Ad for shopkeepers, Redaktion

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Number 299 available

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VOL MOTEUR le magazine de l'ULM et de l'aviation de loisir

contact par mail :
Dimitri Delemarle +33 (0)6 12 34 99 36
Philippe Tisserant +33 (0)1 46 70 14 83

Editions Flying Pages Europe 3, Rue Ampère 94200 IVRY SUR SEINE

World Directory of Light Aviation 2020/21

Wings of the World (Light Aviation)

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The englisch version of the leading annual index of the light aircraft that shows with a circulation of 100,000 copies and 4 different versions (German, English, Chinese, French), the world of light aviation in its nuances. As every year, he deals with all forms of light aviation: motors, each UL cathegory, kits, certified single engine, supplies, accessories, just everything! And new there are the newest MULTICOPTER


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 Index UL/Flugzeug

German Version: Welt-Index UL und Flugzeug 2020/21 Wings of the World - WDLA 2020/21 WINGS OF THE WORLD (German Version)

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French Version: Le Mondial de L'Aviation 2020/21 Wings of the World - Vol Moteur hors serie

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