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GAMA Press Conference on Chinese Government Announcement


New Reliefs for General Aviation in CHINA


Washington, D.C. November 22, 2013.  The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) today welcomed the announcement by the Chinese government that effective December 1st the requirement to obtain flight mission approval for many general aviation (GA) flights within China will be eliminated.  It is in keeping with China’s plans to develop the general aviation industry as outlined in the 12th Five Year Plan and with the announcement in 2010 by the State Council and Central Military Commission on the deepening of low altitude airspace management reform. 


 GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce stated, “We commend the government for taking this initial step and we look forward to the pending release of further regulations that more clearly define the altitudes specified for GA operations that will contribute to the growth of general aviation in China.  General aviation has the opportunity to do in China what it does best: to link people and communities, provide emergency medical and disaster relief services and significantly contribute to the economic vitality of any nation.”

 通用航空制造商会(GAMA裁兼首席行官先生Pete Bunce们对中国政府出的一步表示称,并且一步明确通用航空运指定高度相关定的布充了期待,将有助于中国通用航空的展。通用航空有机会在中国从事其最擅域:连结民众与社区的沟通,提供急医和灾救援服,并可极大地提升一个国家的经济活力。

 Under the new procedures, operators of GA flights are still required to file flight plans but no longer to obtain prior flight approval.  However, GA operations in nine specific categories including border areas, prohibited zones, aerial photography over sensitive areas and various others will continue to require prior flight mission approval and the use of transponders. 


 “General aviation airplanes and helicopters are uniquely suited to bring the benefits of rapid access to medical care as well as economic growth and prosperity to more people and to do this effectively airspace and infrastructure are key enablers.  GAMA will continue to offer its strong support for the continued reform of airspace and we look forward to further liberalization of altitude restrictions to accommodate growing demand, added Mr. Bunce.


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