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electrical   -   ecological   -   evolutionary

e-flight is important not only because of exploding fuel prices. We have to face but also because of a new public approach to and understanding of ecology and natural resources leaving a trace in the daily life of the pilots community.
e-flight-expo is the world’s first exhibition to deal with the development and the impact on todays and tomorrows aviation enhanced by the three “e”s.


e-flight-expo 2013

e-flight-expo 2012 will be part of the AERO Friedrichshafen 24th-27th april 2013. Interesting pre-registration of heroes and geniuses of the e-flight already come in at AERO 2013.  Interested exhibitors please contact Willi Tacke:


e-flight expo – AERO 2013 E-ASTM meetings and more

The e-flight expo is developing more and more to a global meeting place for the e-competence and all issues relating to e-flight. To manufacturers and developers in the D area is located at the AERO 2013, the ASTM Committee ASTM F37 for "Electric Aircraft Development" and the EADA (Electric Aircraft Developement Alianz) meet: "There is, as always, several lectures on e give mobility. Several manufacturers have already announced their participation: In addition to Calin Gologan (Elektra One) and the men of the e-motor manufacturer Flytec also wants the U.S. company Voltavolaré to come from Oregon to Friedrichshafen. The company expands with the Volare GT4 a four-seater plastic Canard, which is based on the velocity and to be powered by a full hybrid. A diesel engine produces the electricity, which then drives an electric motor. It remains an open question whether Chinese students at the University of Beijing, who have presented an electric plane at the fair in Zuhai, will find a way to Germany with their machine. Another unresolved issue is whether Diamond / Siemens’s e-aircraft developments will be shown in the e-flight expo AERO. Flügel das Magazin 6/2012


in french voir Vol Moteur (electric Segment) 221

e-flight-expo 2011 Friedrichshafen.

from 13 to 04.16.2011 was part of the 19th. AERO Friedrichshafen. "Ennobled" by the Visit of his serene Highness Albert II of Monaco and Erik Lindbergh, grandson of aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh and founder of the LEAP, 41 exhibitors presented their products and E aircraft to an interested and increasingly good informed public. Here Pipistrel boss Ivo Boscarol speaked about an Atlantic crossing with an e-motor Aircraft in far future but when you saw the aircrafts and technologies, show in the e-flight-expo, you noticed allready a glipse of the daybreak of this future. Not least the development of affordable high-performance batteries by the car industry in the wake of the necessary farewell to the combustion of fossil fuel brings a big boost to E-Aviation -- As well as the pioneering work of engineers and visionaries in the electric light aviation for the auto industry can not be underestimated. If an electric motor airplane fly 400km Distance with more than 160km/h, why not a car? Flyer 2011

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TheWinners of the Beblinger Competition 2013

The famous green Price of the City of ULM



The Green VOLOCOPTER is flying.



CAFE Race News!!!

Seen the latest photos of the race machine and read by the competitors of the famous competition CAFE

The Green Flight Challenge  September 25-October 3, 2011 Santa Rosa, California

   View the CAFE Racer Pipistrel

   Provisional list of competitors


LEAP Symposium

see the Diskussion Wolfgang von Zeppelin, Cornelius Dornier, Highness- Prince Albert II, Erik Lindbergh, Bertrand Piccard, Sergei Sikorsky

Prince Albert II of Monaco at the AERO Friedrichshafen

Visit of His Serene Highness Albert II Prince of Monaco at the AERO Friedrichshafenwith the scope of the E-Flight Expo and at the Stand of the EAA

Photos Aero Friedrichshafen 2011


See some fine Photos of the Green Future of Aviation. The future was allready here in Friedrichshafen!

E-Flight Expo 2011 Flyer as part of the AEROFriedrichshafen 13 to April 16, 2011

official last announcement E-Flight-Expo Friedrichshafen 2011

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